Feather River Organics is located in Marysville, California, and has been producing green waste compost since 1998. Feather River Organics currently processes 20,000 tons of green waste each year from the Yuba and Sutter counties area. Organic compost products produced by Feather River Organics is used as soil amendments to many agricultural industries including landscape yards, fruit orchards, and wine growers.

Feather River Organics A six step process is utilized by Feather River Organics to produce our high quality compost. First, source separated yard trimmings are placed into an active aerated windrow where the initial processing is begun and any contaminants are removed. Then, for a period of six to eight weeks the material is turned and watered to aid the process of biological breakdown. Next a four-inch trommel screen is used to separate the compostable material from the woodier feedstock and residual contaminants. The material that passes through the screen is again placed into windrows to undergo the next stage of processing. The material is watered and turned using specialized windrow turning equipment five times over a fifteen day period, in accordance with the Process to Further Reduce Pathogens (PFRP). The Process to Further Reduce Pathogens (PFRP), is a regulatory requirement in which the organic material is maintained at temperatures above 131 degrees Fahrenheit for fifteen consecutive days and turned at least five times in order to reduce the number of pathogens to below regulatory thresholds. After this process is complete, the organic material is then placed into curing piles for a minimum of thirty days. Finally, the finished compost is processed through a 3/8 inch trommel screen and is ready for sale.

Feather River Organics's quality assurance program includes routine nutrient, metal, and pathogen analysis to ensure a high quality, consistent product that meets the needs and expectations of our customers.

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Hours of Operation

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